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Contrarily, the provision will be effective with respect to all the participating condominiums. However, the person of the condominium who is not called may in any case challenge the shareholders meeting. In the situation in which the document of the disposition includes negligence also connected to the omission of the names of the individual condominium subjects in favor and those opposed and of the relative quotas of adhesion to the condominium, the same provision can be annulled according to the art. 1137 of the civil code.

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In order for the shareholders dispositions to be valid it is essential that the persons who are part of them meet periodically.

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In this regard it should be noted, first of all, that the assembly has the right to decide only if there are actually all the condominium parties and that it is constituted in compliance only if there are many people of the building representing at least 2/3 of the value of the condominium complex and 2/3 of the subjects participating in the condominium.

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In a second meeting, while, as long as there is a number of voters representing at least 1/3 of the subjects participating in the condominium and 1/3 of the value of the condominium complex. It is also essential to know that the provisions of the shareholders meeting are always decided with a number of voters representing the majority of the subjects participating in the condominium and 2/3 of the value of the condominium complex.

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The agenda of the day in which the topics discussed during the meeting are also undoubtedly important. In this regard it is necessary to remember that in order for the shareholders meeting to be effective it is useful for the announcement of the meeting to enforce the topics to be discussed, even if the same list is not precise and detailed, as long as it is capable of informing in advance all the subjects that they will participate in the topics and themes on which it is necessary to decide. President.

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In the assembly will be elected both a president and a secretary who will have to conduct and coordinate the meeting to ensure the effectiveness and uniformity of the same.

Appeal of the shareholders orders.

Against the provisions of the shareholders meeting or the regulation of the condominium, an appeal can be made to the competent judicial authority.

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Consider that the same appeal does not in the least interrupt the implementation of the provision, unless the same interruption is ordered by the same judicial authority.

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The judge can be appealed within 30 days from the date of the provision for the subjects in disagreement and from the date of notice for the subjects not present.

The study provides its clients with a family brokering service to support their spouses in their decisions and to make them aware of all the constraints and conditions of their divorce, in order to avoid a long and costly judicial process.

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What is meant by intermediation in the family? A process in which the spouses, in a non-belligerent condition, can contract all the issues related to their separation, both in the relationship and in the economic area.

The main authors of family intermediation are the spouses who, through the support of a third neutral subject, manage to intervene in a balanced manner and succeed, in the end, to achieve, independently, the agreements that best conform to the needs of the whole family unit, mainly for the welfare of their children.

It is clear that the reasoned arrangements are more common and yet more responsive for the entire family, with a complete guarantee that the same are maintained.

As previously argued, the issues dealt with in the family mediation process refer to both the relational and the economic domains.

The relational context: entrustment of offspring, need of spouses, parental permanence, scheduling of the interviews of the parent who is not a custodial, pedagogical evaluations, news of separation from the offspring.

The economic sphere: contracting the subsistence allowance, adjudication of the matrimonial house, economic duties for the offspring, sharing of the assets in common. Who is it for? Intermediation in the family environment is aimed at spouses or cohabitants, with or without offspring, in the previous stage, contemporary or after separation or divorce.