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Legal support for child custody (representation by: dds). there has been the introduction of important elements to regulate the bi-parent role and parental responsibility, so as to make changes to family relationships after separation, mainly highlighting the interests of the children who need, however, to maintain a relationship continuous and lasting with their parents even after divorce; for such reasons, the spouse must continue to have relationships and to exchange information and ideas with the other in order to carry on the education and training for their children, leaving out any conflicts and disagreements that may hinder relations between children and parents.

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For our legal system every spouse has the obligation to continue to provide, in a continuous and lasting manner, to their children:

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in one such circumstance, on the one hand, parents have a duty and obligation to work together to make the right decisions decisions regarding their children; on the other hand, they can however create their own spaces to undertake new relationships with the offspring, without the other spouse interfering with them. Support and legal advice.

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The end of a correct provision.

All the aforementioned legislative elements are to be considered fundamental innovations regarding the areas of separation and divorce; but, of course, such elements must nevertheless have a concrete and real implementation.

Precisely for such reasons, when such causes are taken, there must be the support and support of lawyers and judges compent in such areas; the same, have the duty and the obligation to operate in the family context trying to interrupt, in every way, the disagreements between the spouses and make it easier to collaborate with each other after the divorce, in case a joint custody is foreseen .

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However, some such processes are not easily resolved because they do not take similar innovations into account.

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It is the case in which a very complex divorce is foreseen, where the judge prescribes joint custody, but does not establish either the hours and days of meetings or the right of attendance of a spouse who has a domicile other than that in which they reside children, providing that such rules are implemented by the spouses; this decision, if on the one hand can be considered correct, on the other hand generates real contrariety.

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Shared entrustment: the purpose of a correct procedure. It is useful to add in this sense, that the great difficulty inherent in such a sector can not, however, justify and motivate the indefiniteness of certain regulations relating to reliance, such as lack of hours and days scheduled for meetings, as this does nothing but generate real obstacles by virtue of the right of attendance of the spouse who has a different domicile from that in which their children are present, damaging both the relationships between the parents who fail, in this way, to solve the disagreements, both the tranquility that belongs to the right to the offspring.

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A regulation that provides such rules, no doubt, is necessary and proactive to make both parents aware of their relationship with their offspring, but on the other hand takes away their children from the sacrosanct right to have constant and lasting relationships with both parents and at the same time exacerbates relations between spouses.

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Precisely for these reasons, in some cases, it is necessary to establish clear and precise rules, which do not leave total and complete freedom for those affected by the marital crisis, in order to highlight and dispose in a lucid and conscious manner what the fundamental interests of the children are, almost always, they pay the highest price of a possible separation or a real divorce.

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However, in this way all the contradictions regarding the question are not resolved because, at times, the most serious tensions arise precisely when the judge establishes and lays down specific rules to be kept in mind and implemented.

The law firm Law 1 offers and guarantees, in this sense, legal support to all those who must support cases and judicial processes to obtain paternal or maternal approval before the competent courts, such as the Ordinary Court and the Juvenile Court.

In this regard, it highlights the judicial process to be undertaken to attribute the legal status of a natural child.

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Attribution of paternal and / or maternal belonging. Attribution of paternal belonging with the DNA test (from: d34). Article 269 of the Civil Code, regulating the institution of judicial attribution of paternity and / or maternity, declares: "The paternal and maternal attribution can be made explicit in the judicial field, in case the attribution is allowed.